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  • A face oil with a dual purpose

    It has taken 15 years to perfect and 15 years to test (on myself, of course). Feel skin become more soft, supple, and smooth overnight with my face oil. I am convinced that skin will age better if it is kept supple and elastic, and each oil in this blend has been selected for its… View Post

    Coming soon…

    The blog is expanding…. I will be incorporating more lifestyle elements in it. I am going to continue writing about beauty and healthy living, because I am still passionate about them, but I have launched a face oil of my own which I will also need to focus on, and which will have its own blog. Watch… View Post

    Hello hair hydrating mask – au naturel goodness

    No, this isn’t a French brand. This is a beaut that has come out of Oz (see what I did there?!) and is going gangbusters on instagram, with shots of mermaid hair and luscious styles from users and hairdressers worldwide. I’ve been secretly coveting mermaid hair for all of my life… actually it is not… View Post

    Oh my, o.Moi skincare has got it cracked for sensitive skin

    The Danes have done it again. They seem to be leading the way in skincare tailored for sensitive skin. Is it because they have Allergy Certified accreditation over there, which is the most stringent certification globally for sensitive skins? Perhaps. Admittedly, the full range is not allergy certified, but a good few of the products… View Post

    My eye lashes have taken a pounding from daily mascara use

    I have a daily mascara habit I haven’t overcome, or intend to overcome. So my plan to prevent losing my eye lashes forever has been to use some sort of growth serum, which I am no longer convinced works, or is good for my eyes. I get itchy eye lids, so have had to ditch… View Post