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  • Sensitive skin issues are on the rise – Allergy Certified can help

    It’s been a great first half of 2017 for me, allergy-wise. I haven’t had a flare-up, thankfully, but that is down to a lot of hard work and being very aware of what I am putting on my skin, what I am eating, and other products I am using around the flat. Living in London, and… View Post

    Skinade’s better skin from within – truth or fallacy?

    Is there truth in Skinade’s claim of better skin from within? I went into this trial feeling a little sceptical that I would see any results in 30 days. You have to be brave to say that a drink will show improvement in hydration, radiance, clarity, health, elasticity, smoothness, and will result in fewer lines &… View Post

    Topped up on some Tatcha from Sephora

    Oh Sephora, I do love you so much. Why oh why don’t you come back to London?! They were here years ago, but for some reason didn’t do as well as expected, which I don’t understand! I think they would do very well now. There seems to have been a proliferation of standalone beauty stores in recent… View Post

    Weleda tinted lip balms

    Everyone knows I love lip balms. It’s an addictive, impulsive, and expensive habit. And when Weleda sent me these tinted lip balms, I was immediately curious and excited. Here is a brand that I love – their skin food has helped my eczema-prone skin to calm down and become normal again. I have been using… View Post

    Pai’s rapid radiance mask with their hero rosehip bioregenerate oil

    Time for some tlc after a busy bank holiday weekend? Do you feel like you haven’t stopped, and the four-day weekend has flown by? Me too. And I can’t even say it’s been a super productive one! And now it is nearly time to go back to work :(. Cue some me-time needed, to gather… View Post