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  • Beauty Expert collection beauty box – my first beauty box this year

    Beauty boxes can be a real hit or miss – usually with a product or two that you will never use or sizes that make you feel like you have been cheated. I need to do my research thoroughly before succumbing to buying a beauty box, and it looks like my research has paid off –… View Post

    My first offering after two months of silence – almonds

    Yes almonds. My favourite nut, oil, milk. I love it flaked, ground, crushed, roasted, whole, half, in marzipan, in cereal, but most of all I love it in beauty products. It is a key ingredient in my home-made face oil, and is the main ingredient in this sensitive skin range from Weleda. I have found pure, organic sweet almond… View Post

    I’m keeping schtum for once in my life

    Yes, I am keeping schtum. It all feels so trite to me, to write about what I think about a particular lipstick or hand cream, or harping on about how much I like a particular lip balm or face oil, when, right now, there is so much unrest and unfairness in the world, created by a monster… View Post

    ILIA tinted lip conditioner in Arabian Knights is inspiring me to book a trip to the desert

    ILIA. A brand I have had my eye on for years. The packaging is premium, as is the price tag. But the biggest appeal is the fact that it is organic. Not 100%, but up to 85%. Not only is it ethical, it is also a company and brand proud of its sustainable practices. To… View Post

    Golden milk, turmeric milk tea, turmeric milk, haldi ka doodh. Boost anti-oxidants.

    Call it whatever it is you want to call it. Turmeric milk, golden milk, golden mylk (!), turmeric milk tea, turmeric tea – there seem to be lots of names for it. Regardless of what it is called, it seems to have become popular again, and is being adopted by more than the enlightened health conscious… View Post