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  • Adding to the facial oil collection

    Yes, an odd thought. More oil. But who wants to look oily? No one. Who wants to look like they’re skin is supple, plump and hydrated? Everyone. The secret? Apply to damp skin to trap moisture under the oil (skin preferably damp with organic toner). Everyone knows I love facial oils. I’ve used rosehip oil for… View Post

    Spritzing for plumper skin

    I don’t see the value in buying a separate branded toner, when all it is supposed to do is add a layer of hydration after cleansing to plump up the skin, and close any pores. For years I’ve dabbed on some rosewater, and recently I’ve been spritzing a homemade blend of rosewater and lavender. Following this… View Post

    Petal pink polished for the wedding

    Whilst getting ready for a friend’s wedding I discovered that a nail polish from Marks & Spencer does as good a job as one that costs £10 more. By using Seche Vite as my top coat over the polish, I’ve given myself an expensive looking pedicure – the top coat helps the polish dry quickly whilst forming a solid bond with… View Post

    Peeling back the years (and anything else that gets in the way)

    I long for the days when skin stayed smooth and bright, using the odd face scrub in the shower. Plump and smooth and light and fresh! Face scrubs just don’t do the job any more. They feel a bit harsh now and don’t make enough of a difference. View Post

    Protection from the sun, naturally (and I don’t mean a hat)

    I continue my quest to use less chemicals and nasties on my skin, and what feels like it has more chemicals than most every day products? Sun cream! Now, I am 100% behind protecting my skin from ageing rays, but wouldn’t it be nice to do it without slathering on extra lanolin or parabens or… View Post