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  • Weleda skin food – what is all the fuss about?

    I’ve seen mention of this product time and time again since starting this blog, and my curiosity has been piqued. Weleda is well known, as a green beauty brand, and has been around for a long time (90 years). Natural, organic, ethical, fair trade, sustainable, eco-friendly…so now let’s see if it is effective too. View Post

    A NARS obsession confession

    OTT to some but if anyone has owned a NARS then they’ll know what I mean. So easy to become obsessed. NARS – François Nars – a visionary who loves the unusual in women. He loves diversity and has a broad range of colours to reflect this, allowing women to explore and create looks unique to themselves. He… View Post

    Gimme more oils – I continue to be amazed by their power

    Oils to feed skin from the inside and out. Oils to feed the scalp*. Oils to cleanse skin with. Yes, this concept has finally reached me. It’s nothing new – cleansing with oils – but double cleansing, using an oil and separate face wash are new to me. “Why?” I hear you cry. “Why introduce another step?” View Post

    Hair dye innovators, hear our call!

    It’s such a faff isn’t it? Dying hair because you have to and not because you want to. Having to make time for it. It’s not like putting on a face mask, when you can wander around not worrying that you’re leaving a trail behind you. I’m all for growing old gracefully but having to manage the wiry grey hairs… View Post

    Toes are ready for their sunny debut

    But where’s the Sun gone?! Come back! View Post