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  • Welcome to my lippy club, Kate Moss. Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss from Rimmel London

    I couldn’t resist topping up my lipstick collection, this time with something from the High Street. I tend to indulge in MAC lipsticks, but saw the gorgeous shades from Rimmel London’s collaboration with Kate Moss. Bang on trend AND cheap @ £5.49. Can’t argue with that! View Post

    Frizz free mornings

    I’ve been using my silk pillowcases for a week now and they work! My hair is not frizzy in the morning any more. Yippeeeeeee. My curly/wavy hair keeps the kinks from the day before as though just styled. Love love love. View Post

    Does home made trump shop bought for skincare too?

    Soooo, I’ve gone a bit OTT with my beauty addiction and spent more than I should have this month on goodies for myself. You see, I spend my own money on products so that I can write about them as impartially as possible – it’s not just an addiction! Promise 🙂 Anyway, I have run… View Post

    Laying my foundations

    Pun intended 🙂 I’ve treated myself to some new foundation for an upcoming wedding – I want to look picture perfect for the photos, and tinted moisturiser just won’t do the job. View Post

    A spring in my step (and make-up bag)

    I am slightly obsessed with the colours from NARS. They really do cater for all skin tones. View Post