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  • You CAN stop feeling guilty about shopping and look good because of it

    If you’re anything like me, the guilt of splurging on yet another lipstick or eyeliner can overshadow the joy of playing with new make-up. It’s a sad fact, but true. Help is at hand though. Some of the most popular cosmetics brands have started to speak out about a cause or charity that is close… View Post

    My daily wake-up call, hoping to keep botox at bay

    Never say never, but the thought of being injected with toxin to freeze my face doesn’t appeal at all! That thought is what keeps me consistent with my morning (and night time) routine. Plus the fact that I am addicted to Decléor and Darphin products, and love the feeling of being pampered every morning before the… View Post

    Wake me up a smooth and peachy goddess

    With warm and sunny days like today it’s natural for thoughts to turn to Summer…flip flops, dresses, holidays, bare legs, bikinis (yikes!). View Post

    New kids on the block

    OK, not so new if you’re in the know (make up artists) but new to the mainstream, which some of this stuff has become, namely contouring and highlighting. It’s always looked so complicated. That’s no longer the case. View Post

    Spring eyes by Google

    View Post