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  • Spring is coming (she may be here already!)

    The mornings are brighter, the days getting longer and the blossoms are blossoming. A time for renewal, and just as most of us will spring clean our homes, so we should spring clean our skin. View Post

    My very first beauty trade show under my belt!

    My first official assignment as a beauty blogger. Off to gather as much insider knowledge as possible from the folk behind the scenes of beauty salons and spas. I brought home a small bag of goodies. Not many freebies at all, except from the lovely folk at Carita, whose little pack I shall try with… View Post

    My desk buddies, always and forever

    Yup, spot the hand cream, lip balm, bottle of water and green tea. Predictable and constant desk buddies. I’m on a journey to keep the aged lizard look at bay. Seriously though, if I don’t use hand cream after I wash my hands I end up with scaly skin. Fact. View Post

    Weapons of mass seduction

    It’s all in the eyes. That’s what they say. It’s true though isn’t it? Master a ‘look’ for your eyes and you’re set for life. Take the smokey eye, it doesn’t look like it’s set to go out of fashion – there is a variation of it every season. Some basic ‘weapons’ I can’t do… View Post

    The wonder of oils – part 3

    By now, you’ll have gathered I am a lover of oils. They are a wonder to me and probably as natural and pure as anything you can get to put on your skin. So if it’s good enough for the outside, then it’s good enough for the inside. Take evening primrose – it is a… View Post