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  • No more colour outside the (lip) lines

    Bold red lips. A classic and favourite of mine, so simple and quick, yet making you look like you’ve spent hours getting ready! View Post

    Rainy, lazy, hazy days

    It seems like we’ve been having a lot of rainy days at the moment. In fact, we had a lot of those over the Xmas holidays, which for me turned into lazy days too. There’s something quite therapeutic in taking a day out to take stock, relax and get back to basics. I love lazy… View Post

    Tinted moisturiser vs BB cream. Let the battle commence.

    Which one would you choose? Neither? Both? Guess what, I have both! And it’s been a battle to decide between the two. View Post

    Clean me up scotty

    This is the first of my weekend wonders series, taking a bit of time out of busy schedules to focus on yourself, whether it is skin, body or hair care, arming against the onslaught of time. Whatever your skin or hair issue, it will become magnified as you get older so it is worth taking… View Post

    The wonder of oils – part 2

    There she is. My treat revealed. Meet another one of my long-term friends (15 years this time)…a wondrous oil of biblical proportions (yes, I love, trust and cherish these serums). I am a firm believer in the power of natural oils – they provide your skin or hair or nails with all the goodness that nature… View Post