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  • 2014 beauty resolutions – will you be making any?

    New year’s resolutions! It’s that time of year again when we’ll be making lots of resolutions we’ll be unable to stick with. What resolutions will you be making? They say any new resolutions last 2 weeks into the new year then, poof, they’re long forgotten and we slip back into our old ways. View Post

    Crème de la mer – is it worth the price tag?

    Is it ever worth spending £100 on a pot of moisturiser, even if it is claimed to be used by supermodel Naomi Campbell, all over her body and not just her face? She does look fabulous and has the most amazing skin so why not, right? Or so I thought. View Post

    Cold and flu season is upon us

    It has been a predictable run up to xmas, with a cough and cold having taken hold. No mind, it has made me stop and take stock… I need to slow down and rest. Work has been stressful right up until I finished for the holidays, and my customary coping mechanism (a run in the… View Post

    The wonder of oils – part 1

    Meet my friend of 10 years – rosehip oil. Organic, vegan, not tested on animals. Great for sensitive skin. View Post

    The story behind that photo

    Come to my home and you will find pots of lip balm scattered around the place all within easy reach in every room. This is also true of tubes of hand cream. In my handbag, in my kitchen, in my bedroom, everywhere. All because I love lip balm and am trying not to use up… View Post