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  • Can a 5000 year old philosophy be relevant now for healthy skin? Samaya Ayurvedic Skincare

    In short, yes. Ayurveda is an ancient (5000 years old) holistic healing system, that has been the inspiration for this new range of skincare products from Samaya. It’s a plant-based ayurvedic skincare range (which happens to be good enough to eat), that combines clinically proven active ingredients with Ayurvedic wisdom and herbs, selected to balance your particular… View Post

    Dark circles be gone – Becca backlight colour corrector in peach

    I’m not much of a make-up aficionado. I don’t contour like the pros or use tonnes of different products to ‘correct’ skin. I believe good skincare leads to good skin, which leads to a good base for make-up. Plus, I can’t be bothered spending loads of time getting ready! Except when it comes to dark… View Post

    Laura Geller baked balance-n-brighten colour correcting foundation – as a finishing powder

    Laura Geller is one of those brands whose fan base started on QVC (or so it would seem to me). I’d seen the products on their beauty show a number of times, and what a fab find! This has taken over from my MAC face powder as my finishing powder. Over a primer containing a… View Post

    The Body Shop himalayan charcoal purifying glow face mask

    I saw this face mask on a friend’s bathroom shelf and decided I would give it a try. The Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask was given to me as part of a gift bag and had been sat at the back of the bathroom cabinet feeling useless. Now, if you don’t like face masks that ‘tingle’ then stop… View Post

    Brush cleaning just got easier – Japonesque Solid Brush Cleanser

    Cleaning make up brushes is such a chore. I put it off time and time again, even though I know by doing this I am aiding and abetting the breeding of more germs, bacteria and general yukiness. My hero and saviour is this new brush cleanser from Japonesque. Made with goat milk, and scented with coconut,… View Post