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  • Summerdown Mint hand lotion from the foothills of the Hampshire Downs

    Hand cream is no luxury to me. I’m lazy about using gloves when washing the dishes, and wash my hands too many times in the day to count. All this results in dry skin on hands and a tight feeling to skin, not to mention a flakey white residue (yuk). Which is why I am… View Post

    Su-Man Essential Discovery Collection

    Su-Man is a world-renowned, celebrated and awarded facialist, who has the most amazing skin and with whom I share the belief that “skincare should be a ritual and not a chore”. A facial given by Su-Man is on my bucket list, and one that I have not treated myself to…yet (it breaks the £100 limit I… View Post

    Luminous Face Lift from EF Medispa – a non-invasive laser lift

    I was invited to try out the Luminous Face Lift from EF Medispa and was a bit sceptical about whether I wanted a face lift (!) or even if it would suit my sensitive skin, but after a bit of investigating it became clear that things would be OK, and I wouldn’t end up looking like the elephant… View Post

    When the words dry up and you’re left staring at a blank screen

    It’s something that happens to everyone from time to time…feeling completely unmotivated to write. The words aren’t there any more. There is only a blank screen. The blog feels uninspiring. Every time you sit down to write, nothing comes out. This, in turn, makes you not want to switch on the laptop. And then you just… View Post

    Hair mask from OUAI haircare by Jen Atkin

    Hair masks can be a total faff, but I am having to rely on them more and more now. My hair seems to be in a constantly frazzled state (much like me!). I’ve used a Philip Kingsley mask (the elasticizer) on and off for years, and always have a tube in the bathroom. It’s a… View Post