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  • Burt’s Bees beauty box – it’s a cleanser frenzy from Latest in Beauty

    I don’t buy many beauty boxes, mainly because there end up being a few products contained within that never get used or are unwanted. I do like the ones from Latest in Beauty though, not just because they contain products I like, but because the majority of them are a decent size! And guess what,… View Post

    Klorane dry shampoo – tinted for brown to dark hair

    Klorane is a French pharmacy brand whose products have achieve pharmaceutical status, which means they are rigorously tested for efficacy and safety. Their dry shampoo is the only product I have tried so far, and so far I’m impressed. Finally, a dry shampoo that doesn’t leave hair matted and dry, which I have found some other… View Post

    The sun comes out and I go mad for lipsticks! NARS satin lip pencil in yu

    It’s true. The sun starts shining and I get crazy over lipstick. I have no idea why that is, and I’m sure there is some psychoanalysis that can be done to figure it all out 🙂 Perhaps it’s because it gets light earlier in the mornings and I have more energy, and time, to make more… View Post

    Lipsticks that adapt to suit your skin tone – Duwop private lipstick trio

    These lipsticks! These lipsticks! Seriously, these lipsticks! Who needs a lip liner, or to worry that lips will dry out or that it will need to be reapplied loads over the course of the day. They go on smooth, and in one swipe. No need to manage the colour with a lip pencil or lip… View Post

    A quick anti-ageing trick – fix thinning brows with Blink brow pencil

    One of the joys of getting older… thinning brows. It’s a subtle thing that happens over time, until you notice that you no longer have a defined arch, and the lady who threads your brows keeps asking whether you would like them filled in each time you go to see her. So, I succumbed to her filling… View Post