Pai’s rapid radiance mask with their hero rosehip bioregenerate oil

pai rapid radiance mask

pai rapid radiance mask

Time for some tlc after a busy bank holiday weekend? Do you feel like you haven’t stopped, and the four-day weekend has flown by? Me too. And I can’t even say it’s been a super productive one! And now it is nearly time to go back to work :(. Cue some me-time needed, to gather myself together for the week ahead. My me-time means slathering on a regenerative facemask so that I look like the well-rested person I wish I was.

Pai is a firm favourite of mine; I must be on my 5th bottle of face oil now and I tell everyone about this lovely oil – I should own shares in it! Their rapid radiance mask is just as reliable, packed full of bioregenerate rosehip oil, for which they have won awards. Healthy skin looks radiant, hydrated and calm, which this mask helps to achieve, plus it is suitable for us sensitive skinned gals. Active ingredients include the aforementioned rosehip oil (omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9, pro-vitamin A, and antioxidant carotenoids all support the regeneration of skin), and strawberry leaf extract (refines texture of skin and illuminates it), blended with some other oils such as sunflower, castor, plum seed, and some shea butter, china clay, and hickory bark extract.

Their bioregenerate rosehip oil is extra special because of the extraction method used to get the oil out of the fruit and seeds – they use volcanically sourced CO2 supercritical extraction (!), which is so gentle that there is no contamination or oxidation of the oil, which can happen during the cold pressing method used by other brands. This then preserves the complete properties of the oil, delivering twice the regenerative sterols and five times more carotendoids than other rosehip seed oils. I can vouch for it being far more superior – it feels completely different on skin and I am convinced using it as a night treatment has minimised the number of wrinkles I could have.

The rapid radiance mask is £30 well spent in my opinion, with more expensive masks counterparts being less effective. Plus, the ingredients are Soil Association accredited organic, suitable for vegans, GM free, and cruelty free. A win-win all round. Try it and let me know if you don’t love it – I challenge you.