Rainy, lazy, hazy days

rain day

rain day

It seems like we’ve been having a lot of rainy days at the moment. In fact, we had a lot of those over the Xmas holidays, which for me turned into lazy days too. There’s something quite therapeutic in taking a day out to take stock, relax and get back to basics. I love lazy days, when I don’t feel like venturing out in the rain and instead roll up my sleeves and get baking, or reading or just relaxing.

I use these days to take a break from wearing any make-up. Besides, who can be bothered to put on a full face or even half a face when it’s wet and dreary outside, and all I want to do is curl up on the sofa with a good book or movie. My skin will thank me for it (not the book or the movie). I know my main reasons for wearing make-up, especially a tinted moisturiser, is to protect my skin from the pollution on the Tube and from the sun’s rays (minimum SPF 30 for me), apart of course from hiding behind the illusion that make-up creates. But when I am at home there is no illusion, and all I need do is slather on some of my trusty Embryolisse Laboratoires’ Lait-Crème Concentré, followed by RapidShield Eyelash Daily Conditioner to nourish my lashes. Actually, I try to spend one day every weekend in a mascara free zone so that I can give them a breather, and this little wand helps to coat them to keep them strong. I swear it helps keep them long.

If you’re someone who wouldn’t dare go outside without any make-up on, then choose a day when you don’t need to. I promise you will be brave enough to venture out without any make-up on once your skin gets used to it! Giving your skin a breather every now and again gives it a chance to heal and rest. Just think, most of us wear very little make-up when we’re on holiday, so why not now when it is grey, dull, cold and we’re at home? You’ll soon get used to seeing yourself without make-up on and the more make-up free days that you have, the more your skin improves and the less scary you think you look (which you don’t in the first place – it’s just a new perspective)! I try to do it a couple of times a month, usually on a Sunday. I even venture out without make-up on now and no one runs away scared.

It’s also a chance to give my make-up brushes a clean. A quick rinse with some warm water and shampoo, and the mucky water takes away all the gunk that could block my pores. Very satisfying. So now everything is clean and my skin gets the chance to reset itself, and I know that I won’t be reversing all the work by using dirty make-up brushes. A win-win for my skin.