Rajeunir moisture serum review – one product, 5 uses

Rajeunir moisture serum

Rajeunir moisture serum

This was a sample given to me as part of a goodie bag for a workshop I attended last year in October. I finally got round to trying it out!

I didn’t know much about Rajeunir until trying this sample out. The biggest selling point is that it is a serum, day & night moisturiser, primer and eye cream all in one. I know a lot of people who would love to minimise the number of steps in their morning and evening routines, and also those who just don’t buy into the notion of layering lots of products, so this would be ideal for them!

The Rajeunir serum comes in a glass tube and looks very expensive, and it is if you look at it in isolation (£42 for 30ml) but when you consider that this product replaces the need for a separate eye creams, serums, night creams, day creams and primer, then it’s actually quite good value for money.

Active ingredients

There are lots of scientific sounding ingredients – to be expected considering Rajeunir is the brain child of a scientist who has worked in the cosmetics industry for over 40 years. Circutext (soothing and calming), regenerlite (repairs cells and neutralises environmental pollutants),  hydrescence (strengthens and reduces dehydration), nectarlite (prolongs moisturisation, smoothes, restructures, promotes suppleness, elasticity, softness, velvetiness, comfort and brightness), radiantle (works in same way as Retinol but without the drawbacks), rajeuspheres (plumps skin), and constabright (brightens skin, reduces age spots and improves evenness).


I’ve tried it and I like it. My sensitive skin didn’t react, felt smoother and hydrated. I will be taking this on holiday with me, saving some space in my luggage for other essentials (shoes and make-up!). I’ve not used it for more than a couple of weeks so cannot vouch for its effectiveness long term, but I would imagine skin would continue to improve in look and feel.

About Rajeunir

As I said, it is the brain child of an award-winning scientist (Bruce Green) who got frustrated with the way that the beauty industry viewed ageing. They describe their products as rejuvenating (Rajeunir is French for rejuvenate) and not anti-ageing, encouraging ageing to be embraced. They also don’t test on animals. Take a look at their website – I am sure they can tell their story much better than me.

They have other products in their range – shampoo, conditioner and a lip serum, the latter for which I have read some great reviews from other bloggers.

And a final word from me (or several actually) – I love layering on different products to get the most out of my skin, and also because I love the ritual – I find it relaxing. Some don’t. If you’re one of them, or know someone who isn’t making the most of their skin, then get them to give this a try. One step is all it takes.