Rose and Orange Blossom floral waters – natural toner for the winter

Continuing with my green beauty theme, I’ve also adapted my toner for the winter, replacing the lavender floral water with orange blossom floral water, blending it with rose floral water in my spritz can. The cold weather and central heating can be drying on skin, so I’ve blended this toner to help tackle the drying effects.

Natural toner made of rose and orange floral waters

Natural toner made of rose and orange floral waters

My rose floral water is made from Bulgarian roses, and contains no preservatives so will need to be used within 3 months (easy for me). It is perfect for sensitive skins, and has a hydrating effect, stimulating regeneration. It’s great for dry skins and even mature skins, although I would recommend using this as early as your 20s as it is gentle, natural and free of irritating nasties. I find it soothing when skin is feeling stressed.

My orange floral water is from Brazil and is suitable for normal to dry skins. It helps clear toxins from skin by encouraging circulation and restores suppleness. It is free of alcohol, needing to be used within 12 months. They say it helps keep skin blemish free, which is a bonus.

I make my toner by mixing equal parts of both in an aluminium spritzer bottle. Either floral water can be used on the skin neat and make great toners individually. I used the rose floral water as a toner on its own for years, but as I have gotten older my skin has become drier, so I need the extra moisture boost that the orange blossom water gives. Plus, the smell is absolutely divine, and just like being in a spa.

I bought mine from Naturally Thinking for £5 each for 250ml bottles. Very reasonable when compared to off-the-shelf and pre-blended toners.