Samaya pitta hydrating cleanser and face mask – a much needed skincare boost this busy month

Samaya ayurvedic pitta hydrating cleanser / face mask

Samaya ayurvedic pitta hydrating cleanser / face mask

I couldn’t resist asking to be sent the hydrating cleanser, having tried the moisturiser and treatment oil (scroll down on the home page, and you’ll see my post on it). As far as skincare ‘systems’ go, this one is worth the investment in buying all 3 products in the range.

The cleanser isn’t technically a cleanser, it’s a hydrating cleansing mask, and I would suggest not using it to take off your make-up, otherwise you’ll find yourself using up a lot of the product, very quickly! Personally, I like to slap on the mask, and then relax in the bath, whilst it gets to work. Containing some of my favourite botanicals – jasmine, saffron, neem – and some I am not so familiar with in skincare products – lotus, turmeric, shatavari, and gotu kola.

The Samaya Ayurvedic range matches the product to your particular dosha, so that the ingredients that are used on your skin complement its nature and your nature. My dosha is pitta, which means it can be sensitive, so when jasmine flower extract is used, it helps to both soothe inflammation of the skin as well as the aroma helping to calm the mind by reducing anxiety and stress. This is just one example of how your particular dosha will benefit from specific ingredients in skincare – both through topical application and inhaling the aroma.

Don’s save it, use it. Not enough people use hydrating masks. We’re all so focused on deep cleansing our skin, and forget that it needs feeding too. And masks are such an easy way to give skin a much needed boost. Do you have a hydrating mask that you like to use?

You can buy cleansers for all 3 doshas, as well as moisturisers and treatment oils, online here, or pop into Fenwick’s on Bond Street if you’re in London, and check out the range there.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a sample to try. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.