Some of my favourite fitness instagram accounts to follow and be inspired by



I’m mildly obsessed with instagram – such a great medium for inspiration. It has little videos too – great for fitness gurus to share a mini-workout for you to follow. Here are my favourite fitness instagram accounts to follow. Real inspiration.

Hangtenyoga – teaches my kind of yoga – Strala

NatalieJillFit – mini workouts that take minutes to do

StralaYoga – my favourite yogi Tara Stiles – movement with ease

HBfit – simple routines for every day fitness

Fakander – lots of yoga inspired moves that seem impossible to do

Squatsevelin – she also covers healthy eating

Blogilates – humble and relatable with easy workouts and motivation

AdamRosante – the only man in the group but he is an HIIT expert

Do you follow any fitness gurus on instagram? Who do you follow?