Spring is coming (she may be here already!)

spring blossoms a-blossoming

spring blossoms a-blossoming

The mornings are brighter, the days getting longer and the blossoms are blossoming. A time for renewal, and just as most of us will spring clean our homes, so we should spring clean our skin.

Despite regular face packs, our skin needs a little boost at the change of seasons. Heavy winter creams need to make way for lighter formulations. Add a brightening cleanser to your routine to slough away the dull skin, radiant and refreshed for some rays. I am currently using L’Occitane en Provence’s Brightening Cleansing Foam every morning in the shower to get Spring ready.

It helps to slather on some of Pai Skincare’s Rosehip Oil the night before to soften any dry skin and get skin prepped for that brightening cleanse in the morning.

And if you don’t fancy buying a separate brightening cleanser then use your exfoliating scrub, just remember that if it has glycolic acid or AHAs then an extra layer of sun protection (SPF 30) will protect your skin, and prevent patchy skin (something us darker skinned girls can suffer from).

spring eyes - mac's aquadisiac shadow and dior's diorshow blackout

spring eyes – mac’s aquadisiac shadow and dior’s diorshow blackout

Finally, a splash of colour to celebrate the coming of Spring. Love.