Spritzing for plumper skin

I don’t see the value in buying a separate branded toner, when all it is supposed to do is add a layer of hydration after cleansing to plump up the skin, and close any pores. For years I’ve dabbed on some rosewater, and recently I’ve been spritzing a homemade blend of rosewater and lavender. Following this with some serum or moisturiser further traps the moisture in skin, keeping it hydrated and plump.

Naturally Thinking‘s organic rose water is made from Bulgarian roses. It helps restore the moisture balance of skin after it’s been washed or cleansed, and is great for sensitive skins as it calms any redness and soothes. They also distil their own lavender to make organic lavender water (Carshalton Lavender from just outside London) which is great for naturally cleansing pores, whilst being calming. It has anti-bacterial properties, so helps in keeping away any blemishes.

An additional bonus of making this at home is that I know that it is alcohol free and contains no extraneous ingredients. My theory is that if skin is cleansed properly then the job of the toner is just to add some extra moisture and not to clean away any make up residue, therefore reducing the need for anything more than what floral waters can offer.

How to: Mix 2 parts rose water with 1 part lavender water in a spritz can, which can also be bought from Naturally Thinking. Shake and spritz after cleansing. No need to rinse. Layer on some serum or oil or moisturiser and trap in the floral waters for extra hydration and plump skin.

spritzing and plumping

spritzing and plumping