Su-Man Essential Discovery Collection

su-man skin reborn essential discovery kit

su-man skin reborn essential discovery kit

Su-Man is a world-renowned, celebrated and awarded facialist, who has the most amazing skin and with whom I share the belief that “skincare should be a ritual and not a chore”. A facial given by Su-Man is on my bucket list, and one that I have not treated myself to…yet (it breaks the £100 limit I have on facials) So, in its stead I treated myself to her Essential Discovery Collection. And what a treat it has been; I have already bought a new tube of the Purifying Cleansing Gel-Oil, and have been using it every morning in the shower.

The kit contains a cleanser, exfoliator and serum to ‘purify, polish and brighten’ skin, and costs £50 online here or here. All three contain my favourite ingredient – rosehip oil – and are suitable for sensitive skins. The claims are for brighter, softer, firmer, suppler skin whose natural barrier is reinforced. I do love the way my skin feels after I use the kit, and may consider investing in more from her skincare range. Maybe add the kit to your wish list for xmas or birthday?

There’s a bit more detail below on each of the products in the Essential Discovery Collection – cleanser, exfoliator and serum, with active ingredients. Enjoy 🙂

Purifying Cleansing Gel-Oil

The purifying cleansing gel-oil is an oil and water-based gel containing wintergreen (soothes and softens skin, reduces the appearance of pores), dragon’s blood (repairs collagen, restores firmness and elasticity to skin), and rosehip oil (a firm favourite of mine, it helps skin repair and softens wrinkles). The cleanser is non-drying and deep cleansing, and skin does feel soft afterwards.

Exfoliating Facial Polish

The exfoliating facial polish is a dream to use, because you apply it to dry skin, give it a light scrub and then rinse off. It is an oil-based exfoliator so feels quite gentle on skin. It contains camu camu (high in vitamin C, it works to smooth fine lines, protect against free radicals, and brighten skin), white lily (helps with skin pigmentation) , and dragon’s blood (as above). The exfoliating grains are coffee whose caffeine provides anti-inflammatory and firming properties. Skin looks and feels brighter.

Velvet Skin Brightening Serum

This velvet skin brightening serum is packed full of anti-ageing goodies that help make skin glow with health. Antioxidants, hyaluronic and tranexamic acids (hydrates and reduces pigmentation respectively), omegas, ceramides and dragon’s blood extract work together to brighten and soften skin.


su-man skin reborn essential discovery kit

su-man skin reborn essential discovery kit