Skinade’s better skin from within – truth or fallacy?

Is there truth in Skinade’s claim of better skin from within? I went into this trial feeling a little sceptical that I would see any results in 30 days. You have to be brave to say that a drink will show improvement in hydration, radiance, clarity, health, elasticity, smoothness, and will result in fewer lines &… View Post

Get some kale on to your nails

Never thought I would say that I put kale ON my nails! But there it is, I have applied a superfood to my nails. Part of the Stella magazine beauty box, Nails Inc’s NailKale is a nail polish that actually does your nails good and not harm. It contains kale extract (vitamins A, C & K) which… View Post

What do supergreens and superfoods have to do with beauty?

Skin, hair and nails reflect the health of the body.

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