THE best eye make up remover ever – Mary Kay oil free eye make up remover, even works on waterproof

Stocking up on my favourite eye make up remover

Stocking up on my favourite eye make up remover

Everyone wears waterproof eye make-up from time to time, especially in the summer months when the heat can melt mascara and smudge it underneath eyes. Plus the days are longer so we expect our make up to last all day. But, to be sure that you’re taking it all off gently whilst protecting lashes it is worth investing in some good waterproof eye make-up remover. I’ve tried quite a few and none work as well as this one from Mary Kay.

Their oil free eye make up remover has 2 layers of stuff that you shake together to make a milky emulsion, which I think is what activates it. It is so gentle, doesn’t sting my eyes, takes even the strongest waterproof mascara off with ease – no rubbing necessary and rarely more than a couple of cotton wool pads used.

love this stuff. I’ve been buying in bulk to make sure I don’t run out, with a back up there all the time. The bottle lasts ages and you feel like you are nourishing your lashes and not just removing make-up. Well worth £13 in my books.

It is fragrance free, oil free, suitable for sensitive skin and those who wear contact lenses. I buy mine through my sister, who is a Mary Kay consultant. Get in touch with me if you want to get hold of some. It is grrrrrreat! 🙂

mary kay 3

2 layers ready to be mixed

mary kay 1

Milky emulsion ready to remove the toughest of waterproof make up