The story behind that photo


Come to my home and you will find pots of lip balm scattered around the place all within easy reach in every room. This is also true of tubes of hand cream. In my handbag, in my kitchen, in my bedroom, everywhere. All because I love lip balm and am trying not to use up the last of my favourite one – yes, the 2 pink pots in the photo – perfumeria gal’s redcurrant balm – which is not available here in the UK. My supply is rapidly running out and I am not heading to New York any time soon (that’s where I bought 12 pots of the stuff a few years ago). So, in a vain attempt to save the last of the wonderful stuff (it’s got a slight tint to it, making your lips soft and totally luscious) I keep myself stocked up with other lip balms. Now, that’s a real obsession! The hand cream is less so – here all I care about is not having ageing, scaly and dry hands, slathering it on every time I wash my hands. Most women (and some men) will be able to relate to that one.