The wonder of oils – part 1

wondrous oil – pai skincare’s rosehip bioregenerate oil

Meet my friend of 10 years – rosehip oil. Organic, vegan, not tested on animals. Great for sensitive skin.

It’s winter, cold, windy and grey. We’re getting ready for the New Year. The central heating has been on. The sun is rarely seen. And it gets dark early. It’s the perfect time to get familiar with my old staple from Pai Skincare. I first discovered the wonders of facial oils in my early twenties, when I was a regular of Darphin facials. I became hooked (on oils that is, though a facial is a real treat). 

The Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil provides nourishment to the skin on your face overnight, keep it from drying out and helping create a defence against the cold. It feels great to massage into cleansed skin just before bed – the smell is relaxing and comforting. It soothes skin instantly and you wake with supple glowing skin! A little goes a long way. This bottle will last me a whole year. No need to be wasteful, just apply more  as your skin drinks it in. 

I’m a solid advocate of oils – for the skin, hair, body – unsung heroes of the beauty industry.

How to: All you need are between 2-4 drops massaged into just cleansed skin (more drops in the winter than the summer). If you’ve used a toner then don’t wait for it to dry, just go ahead and apply to damp skin. The oil traps in the moisture making sure your skin is hydrated from the outside. You want your skin to absorb the oil, so massage gently for a minute or so – you’ll know when you’ve applied too much because that’s when it will feel greasy. And finally, take some of that oil, massage down your neck and into your décolleté to keep this skin supple and wrinkle free for as long as possible.