The wonder of oils – part 2

first treat of 2014

first treat of 2014

There she is. My treat revealed. Meet another one of my long-term friends (15 years this time)…a wondrous oil of biblical proportions (yes, I love, trust and cherish these serums). I am a firm believer in the power of natural oils – they provide your skin or hair or nails with all the goodness that nature has worked so hard to create and preserve, whilst minimising reliance on chemicals or synthetic ingredients which can cause skin sensitivity. Using them daily ensures that skin gets a dose of the powerful and effective ingredients, safe in the knowledge that they are getting absorbed (because oils have small molecules that are able to penetrate skin more easily). Moreover, oils have been used for centuries by many different cultures in many different ways – their powers still endure.

wondrous oil - Decléor Aromessence Iris

wondrous oil – Decléor Aromessence Iris

I’ve been using an essential / plant oils based natural serum underneath my moisturiser religiously every day. If it hasn’t been a Decléor Aromessence serum then it has been a Darphin Essential Oils Elixir. Both are from the same stable in my eyes – natural oils that can be used underneath your daily moisturiser to make it work that little bit harder, with the only difference between them being the Decléor one can be used morning and night, and the Darphin one is for night time only. Personally, I prefer Decléor because it is more versatile and, if I am having a poor month, I know it will make my inexpensive moisturiser more effective. Over the years these serums have helped calm my sensitive skin whilst keeping any dryness at bay. Don’t be scared of using these serums on oily skin, just choose the right one for your skin type and use sparingly.

Back to my darling treat. It is paraben free, 100% natural and perfect for what my skin needs right now. I’ve graduated to one for ‘mature skins’ now to help with the fine lines and loss of plumpness (Decléor Aromessence Iris), having spent years alternating between the Néroli or Rose D’orient, depending on how dry or sensitive my skin was feeling. I even use them in the summer when my skin isn’t quite so dry – then, I will use it once a day, usually in the morning because my rosehip oil is enough for night time. A bottle of this size can last up to a year if used every day, and sparingly.

How to: Apply after cleansing and toning your skin, when it is still slightly damp. Do not tip the oil into your hand, that’s wasteful and you’ll end up with too much so causing breakouts. Just invert the bottle whilst keeping your finger on the opening to keep it closed and flip it back up again. Do this twice using different fingers and what you have left on them is enough for the whole face. Gently swipe your fingertips together to spread the oil and then pat on to your face. Now just pop your usual moisturiser over the top and you’re done. And remember to take both down to your neck. Easy and worth it. You should see an improvement in your skin in a matter of weeks; let your skin get used to it first though (remember it can take up to 3 months for a new product to make a difference).