Wake me up a smooth and peachy goddess

With warm and sunny days like today it’s natural for thoughts to turn to Summer…flip flops, dresses, holidays, bare legs, bikinis (yikes!).

Sanctuary hip & thigh massager

Sanctuary hip & thigh massager

That’s motivation enough to focus on body brushing again. If you’re anything like me, it’s not a consistent practice. And consistency is key with this. You can make up for lost time by investing in Sanctuary’s Hip & Thigh Massage Brush combining body brushing with a cellulite massager – double duty to improve the appearance of skin and boost circulation.

Add some anti-cellulite cream to your routine. There is one that that has proven its worth time and time again, plus it’s won awards. To top it all, the name makes me smile every time I use it, making something that feels like a ‘treatment’ seem like fun.

Fat girl sleep and all her buddies. Love Bliss!

Fat girl sleep and all her buddies. Obsessed? Nah. Well, yeah.

Fat Girl Sleep. Yup, it works while you sleep and you wake up a Victoria Secrets smooth and peachy goddess! OK, not quite but it works. It really does work.

Team it with the day version Fat Girl Slim and you have a killer combo of lumpy bumpy fighting goodness.

Bliss has got you covered. Quite literally. Their products are so delicious to use that you’ll forget what you’re using it for. And they’re all paraben free. Love