The question I get asked all the time – how to attain great skin

Caudalie micellar cleansing water for great skin

Caudalie micellar cleansing water

This weekend is all about cleansing skin, it would seem – yesterday I wrote about exfoliating using a cream instead of a harsh scrub, and today I talk about the one step in your beauty routine you just can’t afford to skip. It will get you a step closer to having great skin.

It’s a question I get asked every time I mention I am a health & beauty blogger. And the reaction to my response is always one of disbelief. It’s simple really. For great skin, and for it to be healthy, you need to keep it clean, but especially at night when skin recovers from the onslaught of the day.

We wear make up, our skin is assaulted by pollution on a regular basis, we touch our faces with dirty hands without realising it, our hair skims our skin when we move our heads, our skin naturally produces sebum throughout the day, and so the list goes on. The best thing we can do for our skin is to cleanse it once home / before bed, and rid it of the dirt and grime of the day, and allow it to breathe and absorb any of the serums and creams applied. And I don’t mean a cursory wipe with a cleansing wipe, I mean a cleanse that sees the cotton wool pad left with no residue of grime, and that sees every drop of makeup removed.

Some people go for a double cleanse. I used to but don’t always have time, however I don’t stop cleaning with cotton wool pads until they show up clear. I use a micellar water to take off every drop of make up, even eye makeup, followed by a toner to wipe off any residue. I sometimes, as a treat, use a cleansing balm which also feeds skin whilst cleaning it. And finally, my skin is ready and prepped for a dose of whichever serum I am using at the time. And of course my own personal blend of face oil.

And that’s it. That, in my opinion, is the secret to healthy skin. Your skin is your skin. You’ll not wake up with different skin to what you are supposed to have, but you will wake up with the best version of your skin possible. A good cleanse every night and every morning needs to become your number 1 habit.

One thing to note, I am not advocating the use of harsh cleansers and ones that contain SLS (sodium laureth sulfate). These are drying to the skin and actually strip it of natural oils. I believe harsh cleansers and face washes end up creating more problems through sensitivity. A gentle cleansers is, in my opinion, the best for all skin types, even oily and breakout prone.

At the moment, I am using a micellar water from Caudalie, which comes in a bumper 400ml for under £20, and occasionally follow it with Merumaya cleansing balm. I also have my eye on the Emma Hardie moringa cleansing balm for the second step of a double cleanse. Other micellar waters worth a try are Bioderma sensibio or Melvita fresh.

Do you agree that this one step can help with the attainment of healthy looking skin?

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