Why I’ve stopped co-washing (that’s using no shampoo and just a cleansing conditioner)

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I have to admit to being someone who will try something out at least once before passing judgement. And this fad, brought to me by Purely Perfect almost a year ago to the day, has finally passed. I even tried out using a different one from Ojon, alternating between it and normal shampoo & conditioner.

So why have I turned my back on something I was raving about less than a year ago? I genuinely didn’t see an improvement in the texture of my hair. Yes, it was soft but not that much softer than would be achieved with a decent shampoo & conditioner. I also thought co-washing would help manage the frizz. It did to some extent, but so has using something like Leonor Greyl’s serum de soie sublimateur.

The main reason for leaving co-washing behind was the amount of hair that would come out in the shower. I wasn’t washing my hair as often but that still didn’t explain why so much would come out with each wash. And as a woman in her 40’s, any kind of hair loss makes you stop and think. So, I started doing some research and found plenty of information on keeping the scalp healthy and fed, much like the skin on the face, for it to maintain strong hair growth.

So, I am now actively keeping my scalp clean and healthy with a shampoo & conditioner, and a serum designed to boost hair growth (a post for another time). I have also been taking some super strength hair vitamins from Holland & Barrett to boost hair growth. Watch this space, but so far so good – there is less hair coming out in the shower and it feels a lot fuller 🙂