Women on Top – International Women’s Day – celebrated at Grace Belgravia

International Womens Day 2016 at Grace Belgravia

International Women’s Day 2016 at Grace Belgravia. Just look at that beautiful space!

I’m a little late in writing this post – my day job has gotten in the way :). Fortunately it didn’t get in the way of me attending this event for International Women’s Day. I know I could have stayed at work that evening because there was still so much to do, but I was determined to put myself first and leave. It’s something us women have a tendency to do, to de-prioritise whatever it is we want or plan to do in order to not let someone else down at work, or even at home. I don’t see my male colleagues doing this at all. They know how to create the space needed to keep their sanity!

So, this talk couldn’t have come at a better time. It reminded me that I needed to put myself and my dreams first, again. The talk was held at Grace Belgravia (wow, what a haven for women-in-the-know), and the co-founder, Kate Percival, was one of the speakers too, incidentally. What an inspiring panel – all successful women, who worked hard, branched out, struggled, failed, juggled and won. I love the fact that they branched out on their own, whether it was carving a niche for themselves in the corporate world, or setting up on their own in what most business people would say is a saturated market.

What they had to say wasn’t revolutionary at all, or anything any of us don’t already know, instinctively, but the difference is that they applied the theory, and themselves. They confirmed that shaping your own success was completely attainable for us regular gals. For me, that success will be setting up my own business and getting out of corporate life. But back to these ladies and their advice, which I have listed below in no particular order (I’m afraid I cannot attribute it to the correct person because I failed to take any notes, I was so intent on listening!).

  • Research, research, research. Become an expert at whatever you are passionate about
  • Manage your career like you manage a person
  • Stress is a state of mind – it’s about losing perspective and not about the problem itself
  • Hard work pays off but make sure you create balance to maintain health
  • Do something you are passionate about
  • Everything is a risk
  • You know you are ready when you are obsessing about that idea day and night
  • Be confident in who you are
  • The difference between men and women is approach. You have the same skills
  • Understand why it is you want to start your own business

So cheers to these inspiring ladies. And thanks for reminding me that it is possible to drop out of corporate life and still make it. Hard work does pay off, and it is possible to juggle a family and still make it. That it is possible to be heard in what can sometimes feel like a male-dominated world (I’m not a feminist, but when the world is viewed through this lens it becomes clear that women are at a disadvantage with ‘business as usual’).

I hope that this post inspires you. That it inspire you to carve a niche in whatever sector or job you are in. Or to branch out on your own. Do you have an idea that is burning a hole in the back of your mind, that wakes you in the middle of the night, that makes your heart sing? I’d love to hear what you think…comments section below 🙂

Women on Top event, Grace Belgravia

Women on Top event, Grace Belgravia

l-r speakers for International Women’s Day: 

Kate Percival, Co-founder of Grace Belgravia

Ruth Handcock – Chief Customer Office at Tandem Bank

Sandra Bailey – Global Head-Coverage, Deutsche

Mireia Llusia-Lindh, Founder of Milli Millu

Polly Mcmaster, Founder of The Fold