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work with miss lip balm

work with miss lip balm

If you are looking for an honest review, then I’m your girl. I have sensitive skin, so am very cautious about what I put on it, which leads me to writing reviews on products I would want to own and use. If I have been given a sample, I like to trial it properly before writing about it, and I will only recommend it if I like it and intend to buy it. I like to see how effective it is before recommending it.

I am most interested in skincare. I believe the foundations of good skin are necessary for any cosmetics to be showcased on. Genetics only play a small part in having great skin – the rest is consistency and good habits, diet and lifestyle.

The other areas I write about are hair care, cosmetics and healthy living (the latter becoming a growing category due to its impact on skin, hair and nails).

Please read through my blog and if you have any questions or want to chat some more, then contact me at

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